?The truth about Site Build It (SBI) / SiteSell - its flaws, its failings...and whether it really can put your website into the top 3%, worldwide. Warning: read before you spend your money...?

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Re: Does Site Build It (SiteSell) Really Deserve Its Excellent Reputation?

Do You Want To Build A Blog Or A Business?

Like a lot of people, you're thinking of creating your own website (or you wouldn't be reading this page).

If you're a tech-head, then this is a simple proposition. If you're not, then how do you go about creating a website?

One route to take is to pick up some webpage building software and learn how to put webpages together.

There can be a steep learning curve with this approach if you're not at all familiar with HTML or how websites are built in general.

Another option is to hire a web developer (see Top Design Blogs for professionally built, secure, hacker-hardened WordPress sites).

However, if you're on a small budget, then this is an expensive option as all the knowledge remains with your developer and you'll need to rehire them to make changes to your website.

A third option is Site Build It! (also known as SiteSell).

I'd heard of Site Build It (SBI) and was finally recommended to use it by a friend who'd started building her own site through it.

Now I've built websites for over 10 years using nothing more than Notepad. I've always found that the software to create webpages gets in the way, one way or another, and I've always had to delve in elbow-deep in HTML to get a webpage to do what I want.

So I was curious as to how different and whether it would be easier to build a site using Site Build It!'s point and click interface.

While, for me, it was a bit of an adjustment not being elbow-deep in HTML code...

The tools provided are eminently simple
and anyone (and I do mean anyone)
who can click a mouse can build a website

...and if you follow the Site Build It! / SiteSell philosophy, your website will make some money too!

Take the SBI Video Tour

Site Build It! / SiteSell - The Place To Go For Website Newbies
...and experienced webmasters as well!

Site Build It! / SiteSell provide a 10-step program that guides you through setting up a profitable website, one that's based on content rather than being all bells and whistles, so that it's useful to those who come visiting.

As traffic increases, you can then start signing up with affiliate programs and making sales of items that relate to the subject of your website (they tell you how to go about all this).

It's a point-and-click solution to building websites and handles all the intricacies of email forms and responders and newsletter signups and mailings.

To find out more about Site Build It! / SiteSell, and how you can turn a passion, interest or hobby into a profitable website, take a look at the videos and links below. Each provides a different view of their approach:

Why Does Site Build It (SBI) / SiteSell
Claim To Be So Good?

"Why build JUST a Web site...when you COULD build a Web BUSINESS?" - the only all-in-one site-building, site-hosting, and site-marketing product that makes it easy for you to build a professional, popular, and profitable business.
The Very ESSENCE, the CORE of What Site Build It! / SiteSell MEANS
Passion -- For SOHOs, startups, and newbies - People are searching for information that you know...so build an online business and give them the answers.
Questions? Go ahead...ask Site Build It! / SiteSell a question - these folks love answering questions so don't be afraid to send in a query if you've a question on building a website with their system
Proof that Site Build It! / SiteSell works - you want proof that the system works? Take a look here. Their business is purely through word-of-mouth.
Case Studies - take a look at the websites that Site Build It! / SiteSell customers have created

Even if Site Build It!/SiteSell is not for you, why not refer a friend and earn $75 annually if they sign up to Site Build It!/SiteSell

Ok, Site Build It (SBI) / SiteSell seems to be targeted at newbies, so why should an experienced webmaster
be interested in SBI as a solution?

If you're an experienced webmaster, you might be wondering why you'd use Site Build It/SiteSell instead of one of the other hosting companies.

It has to be said that Site Build It/SiteSell is aimed at the "Ordinary Joe" and not experienced webmasters who may find the point and click interface somewhat clunky.

FTP access is through an interface rather than through an FTP application (SBI are very security conscious). If you're uplaoding or updating a lot of files, the amount of clicking you need to do may get tedious.

Also, there's no support for PHP, so if you're building webpages whose content, in part, is made from RSS feeds, then Site Build It/SiteSell probably isn't for you.

Site Build It (SBI) / SiteSell is all about content-rich (and unique) websites.

With that said, Site Build It/SiteSell stands head-and-shoulders above the competition in quite a number of respects. SBI is not just a website building system. It's a complete package that includes:

  • web-hosting
  • inbuilt autoresponders
  • it regularly submits your website and newsletters to all the major search engines (and others as well) which improves your rankings in the search engines (better rankings means more visitors) - this is usually a service that people pay for
  • it helps you optimize your webpages for the search engines
  • detailed traffic stats are available
  • park your unused domain names
  • it provides a 10-step course on how to create a profitable website that's designed for people who haven't an idea about how to go about building a website
  • it lets you research and brainstorm website ideas so you can find out if your idea will be a profitable one before you go off and spend time and energy building it
  • convert your RSS files into perfectly formatted blogs
  • finds link partners for you in the SBI network (which is huge) so you can swap links and increase your link popularity (and search engine rankings)
  • ...the list goes on.

Once I'd built my website, I pretty much had to leave it on autopilot due to other commitments. So I was very surprised when I came back to it some months later to find that the number of visitors had been steadily increasing and it had a Google PR rating of 5! This really was a website on autopilot. Not to mention the money I'd earned from Adsense in the meantime (a few hundred dollars). Site Build It!/SiteSell exceeded my expectations. It truly is a one-stop solution and from personal experience, I know it works. You really can't find any simpler or better solution to building a website anywhere!

[Note: Since I originally wrote this review, I've done little with my Great Landscape Photography website. Yet, it's become my single biggest earning website, typically bringing in $10+ per day from Adsense alone. The only conclusion I can draw is that SBI are doing something magical behind the scenes in terms of site submissions to various website directories. Wish I had this success with my other non-SBI sites!]


Solo Build It!Site Build It (SBI) / SiteSell has been around for a number of years. Yet in all that time, no other website building/hosting company has offered a creditable competing package. Site Build It/SiteSell are definitley doing something right and doing it better than anyone else. And they have a well-deserved reputation for getting websites that are hosted with them into the top 3% (i.e. the most visited) of all websites, worldwide.

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Breaking News

SiteSell Pros, a major new division for SiteSell that targets the "DIFM" ("Do It For Me") market, is now available. It provides turn-key Web sites that produce results. The SBI Specialists, using the proven Site Build It!/SiteSell system, build top-quality, high-traffic Web sites for you in an organized, professional manner and at a competitive price.

Many small-business people lump "Web sites" in with telephone, business cards and signage. But more and more offline businesses of all kinds are realizing that a Web site should be much more than "just another signpost" for your real-world, brick-and-mortar enterprise.

Your Web site must be a powerful business-driver. And it must do that before your competitor's does.

And now some of the best webmasters in the business are waiting to help you.
Find out more...

P.S. Still not convinced Site Build It/SiteSell is the way to go? Then Compare SBI! with other Web hosts.

P.P.S. Don't forget that whether you jump aboard the Site Build It! (SBI) / SiteSell wagon or not, you can still join the affiliate program and earn 60% commission on new SBI! and SBI! for WP annual sales (that's about $180 and $90 respectively). It's one of the best affiliate programs on the web. Need more information?

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